May 05 2015

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People turn their attention to shaping up for summer every May; and your pet’s doctor wants your pet to stay in shape too! Pet nutritional and exercise trends may mimic human health trends. Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control estimate that 65% of American adults are overweight and 50% of American pets are overweight as well? Excess weight results from too many calories and not enough activity. Just as with humans, the health risks of overweight pets are often preventable when body weight is properly managed. Both you and your pet can enjoy a healthy lifestyle with the right approach to weight management. Improve your pet’s skin, fur and body weight by knowing a few simple facts. Read on for Fat Facts and Treat Tips for Pet Owners.

10 Fat Facts

Treat Translator

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and Hills® Pet Nutrition have teamed together creating a formidable team to fight pet obesity. To learn more about the AVMA/Hills PetFit Program, read Success Stories and get tips, tools and coupons you can use at our hospital, visit The best weight for any pet is achieved by combining a high quality food + adequate exercise + regular veterinary checkups.

Pet nutrition companies offer a wide range of weight loss and weight management options. Over the years, Hills® Pet Nutrition has developed scientifically engineered pet foods based on ground breaking research and clinical trial success. The Hills® Prescription Diet® family of pet of pet diets includes Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution, r/d® for weight loss, r/d® for weight loss maintenance and m/d® for the diabetic pet. In addition Hills offers the “Light” diets ranging from Light Hairball formula for cats to Light Senior for cats and dogs aged 7 and older. Hills® Pet Nutrition guarantees weight loss satisfaction, or your money will be 100% refunded!

Need more incentive to get in shape? To help you both get moving, we’ll enter you into a Free Drawing for a Fitbit® Activity Tracker every time you send us a “sweaty selfie” of you exercising with your pet 5/1-5/31/15! Send your photos to One One winner will be chosen randomly on June 1, 2015, so get moving and check our Faceboook page today!

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