Nov 01 2015



Putting the spotlight on pets waiting for adoption helps to remind us all that the bond we have with our own pets is very special and that there are too many pets in our communities waiting for that special bond with a family of their own. Pet ownership is not for everyone, but for those of us who embrace it as one of the best privileges of being a human being, wouldn’t live without at least one pet! It should be emphasized that pet ownership brings some of the greatest joy imaginable; and it also brings extensive responsibility for the well-being of that pet as well. Ongoing veterinary care, exercise, human contact, integration into the family, a safe living environment and a good diet are all critical elements of responsible pet ownership. There are costs involved, but we think pets are well worth it. If you are considering getting a pet, you might want to consider adoption instead of a high ticket purchase from a pet store.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, the top 5 reasons to adopt from a reputable adoption center/group are:

  1. You will save a life!

There are over 27 million homeless pets in the United States. Rescues, shelters, animal control and private veterinary facilities can’t possibly house all these pets for an unlimited time. As a result, countless pets are humanely euthanized each day due to space restrictions. By adopting a rescued pet, you actually save 2 animals: the one you adopt and the one who takes his place when he comes in off the street. You are a true hero when you adopt.

  1. You will have a pet that has had a health screening.

Pets adopted from reputable organizations have received basic health screenings that usually Include deworming, vaccinations, heartworm/flea/tick prevention and spay/neutering. This actually saves you money in initial healthcare costs for any new pet and you have the peace of mind that your new pet has been given a clean bill of health. Those pets with obvious health problems are usually identified and their special needs can be matched with the best special owner. Ask about health screenings and basic health care when adopting a pet to enable you to understand any special needs or what health care is needed next after adoption.

  1. You will save money on the initial cost.

If you have ever shopped to purchase a pet from a pet store or breeder, you know how expensive that purchase can be. The purchase price can be overwhelming and cause you to abandon the hope of ever having a pet join your family. When you adopt instead of purchase, you will pay an adoption fee, however it is a fraction of what you pay to purchase a pet; and you will be supporting a non-profit organization that charges just what they need to in order to cover their operational costs. They are not permitted to make a profit, therefore the adoption fee is much lower and more reasonable for most people seeking to expand their family by adding a pet.

  1. You will feel great!

Everyone feels better when doing a good deed, but adoption does more than that for you when you adopt a pet. Besides helping a pet to leave a shelter, be spared from euthanasia and helping a community organization with your adoption fee, the company of a pet is priceless. Companionship, bonding, the unique human-animal bond are personal benefits you reap when make a pet a member of your family. Research indicate that people with pets tend to experience less loneliness, more calm, have lower blood pressure and feel a true love for their pet. Pet owners also tend to be more active since their pets help them keep moving!

  1. You will support a community organization vs. a puppy mill.

The unfortunate existence of “puppy mills” that reproduce and raise puppies under poor health and living conditions, often ending in death due to poor health and neglect, is a social challenge in our country. Mass produced dogs lacking health screenings, vaccinations, deworming, spaying or neutering and housed in unsanitary, cruel conditions are poor candidates for your next pet. The tragedy of these pets is unthinkable to all pet lovers and causes too much heartbreak for the owners that unknowingly purchase them. Adoption organizations are open to public viewing to enable potential adopters to view living conditions in person, visit and handle pets they are considering for adoption, talk with the volunteers and staff that care for them and adopters can make an informed choice about their newest family member.

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