Our Care Commitment

You will notice 6 Care Commitment Themes on your visit to Weston Veterinary Clinic which include: Preventive Medicine, Specialty Surgery, Dental Health, Senior Wellness, Weight Management / Weight Loss and Client Education. Our goal is to provide you with the array of medical, surgical and diagnostic services that will help your pet maintain a healthy lifestyle and prolonged life.

Our mission isn’t solely focused on the well being of your companion; we also focus our commitment to you as our client. To that end, we have a mission that we think embodies the essence of our desire to provide quality customer service along with quality medicine. Our Mission can be summed up as “WE CARE;” you will see signs with this commitment posted throughout the hospital.

Here is why the cornerstones of our practice rest on our belief that preventive medicine, dental health, senior wellness, weight management, client education and access to specialty care are important:

Preventive Medicine

The most important thing you can do for pet is to have regular examinations by a veterinarian. Annual or bi-annual physical examinations, vaccinations, routine blood-work, urinalysis, fecal testing and preventive medications all help enable your pet to avoid damaging illnesses and diseases and/or be diagnosed in time to allow for early medical or surgical intervention. Through our primary care model of practice, your veterinarian will come to know your pet and be in the best position to recommend the best preventive care program for your companion.

Specialty Services

Weston Veterinary Clinic is able to provide many of the surgical procedures that in the past might have had to be referred out to specialty institutions.

Dental Health

Good oral health is essential for good overall health. Unfortunately most dogs and cats have significant dental disease by as early as three years. Your veterinarian may recommend a program of tooth brushing, dental check-ups, dental cleanings and healthy diets and treats. We perform routine dental cleanings and extractions, utilizing carefully monitored anesthesia and digital dental radiography.

Senior Wellness

Our pets are living longer than ever before, thanks to advances in preventive care and nutrition. However, our senior pets, just like their human counterparts, require special attention and a different approach. Arthritis, dental disease, hormonal imbalances, weight problems and kidney, heart and liver disease are just some of the typical senior pet health issues that are addressed to provide the best quality of life possible.

Weight Management / Weight Loss

Many of us do not realize the health risks and complications of being an overweight pet. An overweight pet is more likely to develop diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and joint problems. We offer weight loss programs, special diets, and support from our veterinary staff.

Client Education

An informed client is a better pet owner. We have written informational pamphlets about pain management, household hazards, senior pet wellness and zoonotic diseases to help clients understand some of the basic health matters that require managing in an effort to keep their pets healthy, happy and comfortable. Our doctors and support staff are available to answer clients’ questions and talk to our clients in easily understandable terms so that the client leaves a visit feeling confident in the knowledge that their pet is in caring and expert hands.