Client Referral




We sincerely appreciate when you trust us enough to recommend to your friends, family and neighbors that they too bring their pets to our clinic. We love your enthusiasm and feel lucky to have you! Your referral is the best form of compliment so we want to be sure to give back by saying thank you for recommending us. We also want to thank your referral for giving us an opportunity to get to know their pet.

We have updated our New Client Referral Program. It’s simple: refer a friend and we will put a $20 credit on your Weston Veterinary Clinic account and a $20 credit on your friend’s, family’s or neighbor’s account when they make their first appointment. We have personalized New Client Referral Cards that you may hand out to someone that you think should visit us. When they come in, they hand us your card and we update your account! It’s that simple. Each time one of your referrals becomes a new client, we get the chance to say thank you for helping us grow!

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Client Referral