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Weston Veterinary Clinic is a full service, state-of-the-art veterinary practice that was established in 1956. Our staff includes four general practice veterinarians, a part time house call veterinarian and a board certified veterinary surgeon. Our doctors practice a primary care model of medicine. This means that you and your pet will establish a relationship with your doctor in much the same way that you probably have with your own primary care physician. Each time your pet requires medical attention your appointment will be with your pet’s primary care veterinarian.

Weston Veterinary Clinic offers a full range of medical, surgical, and dental services provided by Drs. Bentley, Krawshuk, Schlesinger and Storey. Dr. Heald is available on Tuesdays for house calls. A board certified surgeon is able to provide more advanced surgical or orthopedic procedures. A visiting consultant provides ultrasound and endoscopic imaging services. We also maintain a close working relationship with specialists should, for example, your pet require advanced dental, dermatology, neurology or behavioral services.

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