Boarding, Daycare, and Grooming

Although we do not have an on-site boarding facility, we can gladly offer you boarding and daycare services through our sister clinic Natick Animal Clinic.

Natick’s boarding facility is a state of the art kennel design which includes four large suites, multiple large kennels, plus medium and small size kennels as well. Each kennel has its own indoor/outdoor run so that your pet can go in and out of his/her temporary “Home” all day long while you are away. Every kennel has a comfortable bed that is slightly up off the floor, and if you want a fleece cover for your pet, that is available.

Daycare includes 3 daily playgroups lasting approximately one hour each. Daycare dogs will be assembled for group interaction within our fenced outdoor play area. Dogs are off leash when in playgroup so they can enjoy running and playing with toys. In between playtime, each dog will have a clean room to rest in for break time, and a mid-day snack.

Four Paws Spa is the grooming department at Natick Animal Clinic. The Spa offers full-service baths, breed trims, general haircuts, and specialty grooming services. We pride ourselves on quality, advanced knowledge and commitment to the highest standards of the grooming industry. We use all natural shampoos and conditioners and also offer an array of hair accessories. The advantage of being a member of an all-inclusive services hospital is that we have immediate access to medical care should your pet have a skin condition or other medical status that should be monitored during a grooming visit, and many clients enjoy the opportunity to board their pet and have their pet groomed on their final day of boarding.

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