The Weston Veterinary Clinic team thanks you for your kind words!

I wish I had a primary care physician as talented, knowledgeable and caring as Dr. Sarah Schlesinger. She is truly amazing. She will go into as much detail as you wish about your pet’s condition. I am simply in awe of both her knowledge and her compassion.

Louise D.

Yesterday my little dog Daisy and I visited your wonderful clinic. I want to express my admiration with Dr. N. Storey . He is highly professional, highly educated doctor with wonderful personality and intelligence. Even the way he does an exam, his attention to any small details , his approach to the patient, his recommendations…reveal all of this. All of this makes me trust to him completely with my Daisy.

Also all staff is wonderful. Very welcoming environment. The best veterinarian clinic I have ever known. Thank you very much to all of you.

Dr. Julia O.

Having Weston Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Storey and all of the others there has been an amazing experience! I could never feel as though either my pets or myself would be better anywhere else. The care that we’ve received has been magical.

I highly recommend Weston Veterinary Clinic to anyone looking for a new vet…they are so responsive, communicative and loving! Feel assured that this is the best possible choice! Peace.

Susan R.

I was referred to Dr. Storey from someone with a long history with him, and I am so grateful to have found him and all the staff at Weston. They have taken exquisite care of my three dogs, and I cannot say enough about their skill, compassion, and caring professionalism. I trust all those at Weston and highly recommend them without reservation.
Laurie L.

I started going to Dr. Storey in 2007 with a puppy who had health issues from the get-go (and never ended). I cannot say enough about each and every person who works at Weston Vet – most are like family at this point. My dog passed away in 2016 and I now have two cats. Even though I do not work anywhere near Weston anymore, I still drive 40 minutes (one way) for vet visits. I just cannot imagine going anywhere else!!
Suzanne B.

I love Dr. Storey and all of the staff at Weston Vet! My family has been going there since about 1978 (with Dr. Prescott) when I was young and my family had a cat. I have continued to go there with my own pets, even though I have moved further away and there are plenty of vets that are closer to home. It is worth the extra time it takes to get there to be seen by such great veterinarians and staff!

Susan B.

We are so happy to have found Weston Veterinary Clinic. We see Dr. Schlessinger and she is thorough and knowledgeable. We feel that we finally get much needed answers and advice on our dog’s health and it’s a relief to know that she is being well cared for. The staff are all so friendly and helpful and make our dog feel as comfortable as possible at the vet.

Jennifer N.

Customer service goes a long way, and Weston Vet Clinic has won me over. The staff is amicable and professional, and I feel amazingly comfortable taking my pet there. I feel my cat gets the best treatment he can. The folks at the front desk greet me warmly and are easy to work with. There are multiple veterinarians (I don’t believe all work concurrently, but I could be wrong) and I’ve had Dr. Kelly Bentley who is very sweet. Everyone truly cares for animals here!

The clinic is on route 20 right off 95 on the Weston side, easy to get to. It seems to be an addition to a residential house so it has a homely feel on the outside, but inside is a nice facility. Keep an eye out for the sign at the top of the driveway because it’s not a commercial lot.

For those concerned about finance, the services are a bit on the expensive side – about $60 just for an exam not including vaccinations for my cat – but if you can afford it, go there. You won’t regret the treatment both you and your pet receive. Furthermore, they have a nice website and you can also learn about tips, promotions and such from their e-newsletter. I can’t stress enough how customer-savvy Weston Vet Clinic is.

Seth R.

We just had our first appointment at Weston Veterinary Clinic and were thoroughly pleased. The front office staff and technician were super nice and welcoming, and we absolutely loved Dr. Krawshuk. He has such a warm personality. You can instantly tell that he cares about your pet and wants to do all he can to make you comfortable. He answered all questions without feeling rushed, performed a thorough exam, and was very clear about our pet’s health and how to keep him healthy moving forward! We just moved to the area and were nervous about picking the right vet, but we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Highly recommended!

Keven S.

We were so lucky to discover Weston Vet in 2001 and stayed with them through our move for years, until 2015 when our cats just couldn’t handle the lengthy ride any longer.

We brought our very first cat Toonces to meet Dr. Neil Storey 15 years ago. He was great with her and us as first time pet owners. Toonces suffers from chronic UTI’s, we believe from over cleaning herself and due to her very long silky hair. However, Dr. Storey always went above and beyond to research what could be the cause, and assist us in figuring out the unknown problem when it started.

Then came Sequoia (aka Trouble, as he coined her) who quickly because famous for chewing on doorstoppers. Not once but twice…. Sadly, Sequoia became suddenly ill with kidney failure late into her 6th year and Dr. Storey did all he could to assist us in making her as comfortable as possible. Upon her crossing of the Rainbow Bridge, he was compassionate, kind, and so generous to make a donation in her name to Tufts Vet Medical Hospital.

And then came Maya, and Ozzy…. well Maya has been a handful, extremely feisty from day one. She is the total opposite of most cats, and doesn’t keep herself clean enough. This has lead to needing sedated grooming every few months. Although its not something they do regularly, Weston was willing to work with us to assist in keeping Maya clean. We worked out a system together of a modified lion cut. Only once did she escape, (being her overly feisty self) and cause a huge ruckus in the office running around crazy, hissing, and hiding under the receptionist desk where I was able to get her to calm down and walk into her carrier. In all the years, this was the only difficult time we experienced. Maya will always be a handful.

And lastly Ozzy, our 25 pound Maine Coon, who we were advised to easy up on the feedings but otherwise has been an awesome cat and very entertaining for them to see him.

Through all our animal up and down moments, we love Weston Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Storey and the staff who consistently worked with us addressing our concerns, questions, and being so loving to our pets even when they were challenging. If there was a Weston Vet office to open closer to the North Shore, we would be there in a heartbeat! We miss you, as do our pets! Thank you for all your commitment to veterinary excellence!

Dawn D.

We have been going to Weston Vetrinary Clinic for the last 6 years. My husband and I have a 8 year old Red Nose Pitbull & we recently adopted a Catahoula Leopard Dog who is almost 9 months old. Our Pitbull Amber, had a horrible experience with our previous vet and as a result became completely terrified of anyone who tried to examine her. From the time we walked into the WVC doors, to today, Amber has come leaps and bounds. I simply cannot speak highly enough about this team. Dr. Krawshuk & all of the docs/staff treat our pups as if they were their own. Their extensive knowledge, skills and positive energy have helped us get through normal day to day occurrences with our fur-kids to some really major ones. We have sent many of our friends and family their way and it goes without saying we HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is seeking exceptional care and service.

Hafsa L.

The Weston veterinary clinic is the very BEST! My 75lb pit bull has always been very scared of the vet making the whole process super stressful for me. Here, they are AMAZING, patient, kind and he totally reads their energy! Today he left wagging his tail and smiling:) Everyone who works in the office is so sweet and cheery…an overall great experience. I will never use another vet for my baby! Highly, highly recommend! Xo

Courtney W.

I have bees taking my dogs there for over ten years to see Dr Bentley. Love her. When I had to put my last dog down they were kind compassionate and understanding xoxoxo

Carla O.

I drive an hour each way to go back to the BEST veterinary clinic! I love all of the Dr’s especially my Dr. Kelley Bentley, all vet techs, and front staff! They are so caring and thorough. I truly love all of them!

Susan G.

Top notch veterinary care! Kudos to Dr. Neil Storey and the office staff – First class service. I’d highly recommend this practice! I only left because I moved out of state and even then I tried to make it work!

MaryBeth A.

Our kitty and two greyhounds get THE BEST vet care at Western Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Schlesinger is AWESOME!! Definitely worth the drive from Concord.

Terri S.

Thank you being so rescue friendly and bring amazing to Survivor Tails!! Extra shout out to Dr. S!! 

Megan S.

Hands down the best veterinarian’s around very professional and helping they really care about your pet like its their own

Chris C.

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